Facial Fit

Selecting the perfect pair of glasses starts with determining your face shape. Then check out frames that go well with your face shape and test the fit and comfort of those glasses on your face.
woman wearing wraparound sunglasses outdoors
Which face shape looks best in wrap-around sunglasses?

Want to know if wrap-around sunglasses are right for you? Discover which face shape works best for wrap-around sunglasses, including the popular shield design.

Man with a square shaped face
Sunglasses for square faces

How do you pick out the right sunglasses for square shape faces? Find out the key to finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for a square-shaped face.

Boho woman wearing pink cat-eye sunglasses
Sunglasses for diamond-shaped faces

Are you shopping for that perfect pair of sunglasses? Not sure what frames fit a diamond-shaped face? Our article will help guide you to the perfect styles.

Woman with sunglasses holding up her fingers to frame her face shape
Best women’s sunglasses for your face shape

Our guide for women’s sunglasses for various face shapes details which frame styles are best for round faces, oval faces, oblong faces and more.